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     Gitashenasi institute as a private firm was established in 1972 by management of late Ebadollah Bakhtiyari and published its first English map coincident to the "1974 Asian Games". The title of the map was Tehran and since then, in its 44 years of activity, the institute has printed more than 1600 publications including Persian, English and bilingual maps of Tehran and other cities of Iran, atlases, astrological and geographical books, posters, Postal cards and etc.

Gitashenasi Institute have had close cooperation with foreign geographical companies in making Persian globes and relief maps such as the production of the illuminated and plain globes in various sizes in the cooperation with Scan Globe of Denmark and inflatable globes in Persian text by cooperation of Taiwan.

Relief Map of Iran has provided in cooperation with Allan Cartography of Oregon and also Physical Relief Map of the World in cooperation with Cartographia of Hungary.

In 1996 Gitashenasi took action in digitizing cartographic affairs with vast use of computer in map publishing and also provided a new and relatively complete map of  Tehran  in the scale of 1:18000 for phone cells equipped to GPS systems in cooperation with Cybiran Kish Institute.

As an internationally known geographical institute, Gitashenasi publications can be found in several foreign map shops such as Edward Stanford in UK, MapLink in Santa Barbara /USA, Omni Resources in Burlington/USA, Internationales Lndkartenhause in Stuttgart of Germany, RMIB Geoscience BV in Amsterdam of the Netherlands.

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