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Geographical Books
Geographical Books
Many books have been written about in Tehran that all of them valuable in itself, but each have a specific question, and most of the period or time is limited.Author Professor Ali Akbar Mahmoudian nearly fifty years of experience and studies that have followed the issue of Tehran, the result has..
1,300,000 ریال
 Gitashenasi-ye- Iran, Volume 3, Iran Geographical EncyclopediaIranians need to understand the habitat and nest and their home is a necessity and nature..
2,500,000 ریال
In the preface to the book: Ancient Iranians attached great importance to water, and after the fire, the water element's hottest Vrnd.dr this book position-source and classified them -Tvl rivers basin has been based on the Persian alphabet Is. And in the end it's important rivers in the 16-p..
1,500,000 ریال
In the early 1990s, the world witnessed the culmination of dramatic developments that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of 15 new countries.On this occasion, geographical institute which publishes scientific and comprehensive book that the first step in the recognition of the..
950,000 ریال
doctor majid hamrah and Engineer Seyed Jafar MoqimiThis book is one of the most important books in the field of cartography and its history.In eleven chapters with colorful images of maps of traditional and computer and topic is introduced.As well as ground and aerial mapping is Anothe..
1,200,000 ریال
The effect  that  the minister cut 496 pages written by her doctor before a Tehran University professor and doctor Zahra  pishgahi fard has prepared a favor and N. Soltani, first published in 1387 by geographical market paperback books priced at £ 85,000 .ktab university communi..
1,250,000 ریال
Now, after twenty-geographical Institute is proud to release the first few years of geographical Printing countries, another valuable collection entitled "new geographical countries" to those interested in geography, ranging from physical geography, political, economic and social is offere..
3,000,000 ریال
This large and lasting effects Scientific and Cultural perhaps in Iran are rare or even unique, Encyclopedia is a detailed geographical and historical sites of Iran and the world that the first edition was published in two volumes Kalyngvr by geographical.The main part which contains over 33,000 ent..
2,500,000 ریال
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